Planning your office's telecommunications network and equipment is a tough job.  Allow our expert team of skilled communication professionals help create the best system for you.


  How long does installation usually take?

    That depends on the size and specific requirements of your workplace upgrade.  We can typically complete a new office phone system installation within one to two business days.


  When can I expect the technician to arrive?

    Our technicians are on-call 24/7.  At Business on the GO! Communications we adjust to fit the needs of your company, not only when creating the quote, but when completing it as well.


  I'm not familiar with telecommunications pricing.  Can you explain it to me?

    You'll find a broad range of prices when shopping in telecommunications.  Some installers do not include the cost of labor or materials in their quote.  We typically do include all the cost you could expect when planning your system.  Feel free to ask your sales representative for an explanation of your unique quote.  We competitively price our services for your business!


  How do I use my new phone?

    If you have received the installation of a new telephone system from us, there is complementary training included for a set amount of hours.  Contact your sales representative to find out what kind of training you can qualify for, even if you have an older system.  We have lots of days and times available to work with you at your convenience.


  I need a data access point moved.  What can I expect?

    Our technician will come in and efficiently move or replace your wiring within a few hours depending on the job.  You might want to set aside evening or weekend times to avoid disturbance of your regular business routines.  We inspect the wiring, locating it's terminal points, and move it inside the ceiling and walls.  Then we create a tidy new jack point that will appear similar to your other office outlets and connect the cable so you can use it there!


  Explain the process of making a telephone system purchase.

    After receiving a quote from us, we will sign a sales contract so that everyone knows what to expect and, after receiving payment, will begin as soon as possible.  Our managers and employees have years of experience in the field and have researched the best system for your company.  You can of course contact us any time with questions.


  I've got several bids.  Why should I choose Business on the GO! Communications?

     Business on the GO! Communications stands above the rest and is unique because of our ability to work on your schedule, follow through on our commitments, provide regular service, and make sure everything is designed with your business success in mind!

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